The studio is built in the former cow-stable of the farm. With the assistance of an acoustic designer we have tried to achieve a well balanced acoustics in every room. Not too “dry” and not too “wet” in the mix-down giving you flexibility to achieve the right sound. We have kept the typical Dutch small stable windows allowing for daylight to enter the studio. In summer, days can be long and the daylight will keep you more alert. All 4 iso-booths allow for eye-contact with the other musicians and, although the sound is almost 100% separated you still have the feeling that you are playing together! Every booth has his own climate controller.



Our live-room

Vocal Booth

another booth

and another booth!

Protools HD 3

with 2x Lynx Aurora 16VT interfaces for 32 inputs



API 1608

fully loaded with 12x 550A EQs and 4x 560 EQs





A big variety of mics:

Placid Audio Copperphone

Neumann M149                       Sennheiser MD 421  (2x)                         

Neumann KM183 (2x)             Sennheiser 441

COLES 438 (2x)                         AKG D12                                  And lots more......

Beyer Dynamic M 201             Buebottles (2x)

AKG 414 (2x)                             AEA N22

AKG C12                                    ADK Vienna 12-T


16 API preamps and 8 Focusrite ISA 428 preamps.

We can get nearly any kind of outboard gear since we have EAVR as our neighbors...




Quested V2108




Yamaha NS10

Protools 10

As a main DAW we use Protools 10, but if you want another DAW just give us a call to see what the possibilities are.




We have a lots of plugins, too many to mention here, but if you want a list with all the plugins, just ask.




Yamaha C7

Rhodes M5

Hammond L100 with Leslie

MKS 80

Poly 6 // +31 (0) 629738576

Amstelkade 33, 3652 ME Woerdense Verlaat, THE NETHERLANDS

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