WedgeView Studios is located in the green heart of Holland. Open skies, green meadows, cows and birds are our neighbors. The lay-out of the studio is unique. Musicians are separated by 4 iso-booths (allowing for individual recordings to be adjusted/added to or corrected) while eye-contact between musicians is possible at all times. We are located only 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport and cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are also close by. The studio also has a very comfortable guest house available for rent.




Our goal is to capture the music in the best possible way and suitable for any producer or mixing engineer to finish the product as desired.



Besides the recording studio we also offer a mixing facility. This mix-facility is situated in the old chicken barn on our property. Our mixing engineer is available to answer any questions you may have about the mix process.



We can assist you adding the final touches before delivering the product to the factory in the required format. We are also able to produce a small amount (maximum 50) of CD’s on-site with duo tone CD label. // +31 (0) 629738576

Amstelkade 33, 3652 ME Woerdense Verlaat, THE NETHERLANDS

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