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Recording studio

WedgeView Studios is located in the green heart of Holland. Open skies, green meadows, cows and birds are our neighbors.

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The studio

The studio is built in the former cow-stable of the farm. With the assistance of an acoustic designer we have tried to achieve a well balanced acoustics in every room. Not too “dry” and not too “wet” in the mix-down giving you flexibility to achieve the right sound. We have kept the typical Dutch small stable windows allowing for daylight to enter the studio. In summer, days can be long and the daylight will keep you more alert. All 4 iso-booths allow for eye-contact with the other musicians and, although the sound is almost 100% separated you still have the feeling that you are playing together! Every booth has his own climate controller.


Live room

28m2 H=3.4m

Booth 1

7m2 H=2.4m

Booth 2

3m2 H=2.4m

Booth 3

10m2 H=2.4m

Gear - list


-Protools HDX
-2x Lynx Aurora -16VT (32 inputs)


Download complete list of microphones here.


-API MC531


-16x API 3124V
-16x NEVE 1073LB


-Near-midfieldQuested V2108  
-NearfieldYamaha NS10


Download complete list of instruments here

The guest house

A small guest house is attached to the studio, perfect for a relaxing break. In the guest house you will find a vide with 2 beds, a bathroom, a living room with two couches which can be turned into beds, dining corner and fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. If you prefer we also have our own catering service (using local, biological produce). Please contact us for more information.

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The environment

Wedgeview Studios nestles in the lush heart of the Netherlands, enveloped by nature, making it an ideal setting for your recording session. There's a conveniently located small parking lot at the rear of the studio. The extensive garden that envelops the property offers you the opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty, interact with the resident animals, and unwind during breaks. Adjacent to the studio, you'll find the Amstel River, a sizeable waterway perfect for refreshing swims on scorching summer days.

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