Roeland Jacobs

Managing Director Wedgeview Studios

About us

In 2006, Rob van Weelde, responsible for the idea, concept, and musical design, and Roeland Jacobs, the arranger and producer, united their talents to establish WedgeView Studios. Their latest endeavor, "The Seven Symphonies," a classical homage to the music of the Beach Boys, has garnered widespread acclaim on a global scale.

Both Roeland and Rob share an unwavering passion for music, and together, they have diligently crafted a studio that impeccably accommodates the unique requirements of every musician.

About the studio

Wedgeview Studios is the realization of a dream by Rob van Weelde and Roeland Jacobs, situated in a meticulously renovated old barn, transformed into a cutting-edge recording facility. This studio offers an ideal environment for work, enveloped by the beauty of nature.

Under Rob's direction, there are several in-house projects conceived by Roeland, and it has also been the creative hub for numerous successful productions by renowned artists, including Trijntje Oosterhuis, demonstrating its capacity to facilitate prosperous musical endeavours.

Wedgeview studios

Located amstelkade 33

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WedgeView Studios is located in the green heart of Holland. Open skies, green meadows, cows and birds are our neighbors.

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